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Episode 18 - A Visit to Matsui Shuzo in Kyoto

Only a stone's throw away from downtown Kyoto, this brewery is a hidden gem and a must-visit for anyone visiting. So join Cindy and Giulia as they are talking about their visit, the brewery set up, and of course some of their sake and other products.

This is a weekly podcast so make sure to subscribe and tune in every Thursday and follow Sake Unplugged on Instagram and Facebook for updates and shenanigans, or if you are looking for additional information visit The next episode will be aired on the 5th of May and will be another interview, well kind of, as in the next episode Giulia will chat to Cindy about her recent Brewery experience at Miyoshikiku in Shikoku and share some stories about it, so stay tuned and until then, Have a nice sake!

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Apr 28, 2022


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