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Episode 8 - Nigori Sake

With international Nigori day (which was the 5th of February) just behind us, Cindy and Giulia felt inspired to talk about this wonderful style of sake in this week's episode of Sake Unplugged.

Sometimes misunderstood and occasionally confused with other products (Amazake and Doboroku), Nigori sake is an extremely versatile product, as aside from all the flavors and aromas, we are now also adding texture into the sake experience. From light, cloudy, and effervescent to thick and chunky that almost tempts one to reach for a spoon, Nigori is an absolute joy to discover and will level up anyone's sake game once you get a chance to try and compare them.

If you are looking to drink along, the sake featured in this episode are:

Tamazakura from Shimane Nakashimaya from Yamaguchi

They may be a little tricky to get, however, if you happen to see them on a shelf or menu, do give them a try if you can, you won't regret it. This is a weekly podcast so make sure to subscribe and tune in every Thursday and follow Sake Unplugged on Instagram and Facebook for updates and shenanigans, or if you are looking for additional information visit

The next episode will be aired on the 24th of February and will feature Simone Maynard, also known as the Sake Mistress, in an intimate chat a

bout herself, her projects, and of course plenty of sake...

Until then, have a nice sake!

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