Sake Revolution Crosstalk - Sake Unplugged!

Although we are on summer break, we did find some time for a very special collaboration - Sake Unplugged met Sake Revolution!

Sake Revolution currently happens to be the only U.S. sake podcast, hosted by two amazing sake ambassadors, John Puma, a self-declared sake Otaku and Timothy Sullivan, a genuine Sake Samurai! They had the great idea to reach out and connect with Sake Unplugged for a little sake pod “crosstalk” in order to network and share some sake love and of course the answer was a resounding yes.

So this week Cindy and Giulia have joined Sake Revolutions Episode 115, to talk all things sake and drink a sake much beloved by many: Nanbu Bijin's "Tokubetsu Junmai". So if you want to sip along for more fun and to see what they are talking about go and get it.

Rumour has it, that there might be a follow-up Podcast hosted here on Sake Unplugged, as there was no time to try the sake warmed up (and surely this cannot stand). So stay tuned and of course subscribe to both Sake Revolution and Sake Unplugged for more updates, more podcasts, and most of all more sake!