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SU - Brewery Switch!

This is the last episode of 2023 and this time our hosts are keeping it within the SU family.

Giulia recently moved from brewing craft sake in Tokyo at Konohanano to going back to  Izumo, Shimane Pref., like every winter, to brew sake at Itakura Shuzo and  Cindy is taking up the occasion to dig more into the difference between these 2 breweries.

In this episode our hosts are taking us virtually into the world of sake breweries, comparing traditional and modern styles of brewing, and what it means to transition to such different environments. 

This is a biweekly podcast so make sure to subscribe and tune in on Thursdays and follow Sake Unplugged on Instagram and Facebook for updates and shenanigans. 

The next episode will be aired next year after a short winter vacation. If you miss our hosts, make sure to check on their accounts where they show us more of their sake journeys!

Happy Holidays from SU and see you in 2024! 

Until then,

have a nice sake!


The brewery Giulia visited in Hiroshima is Chikurin, not Shichiken. Apologies for the confusion!

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Dec 28, 2023


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