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A Chat with Alex from Omu Nomu!

In this week's episode of Sake Unplugged, Cindy and Giulia are welcoming Alex, a sake lover and owner of Omu Nomu in Singapore!

Alex has always been fascinated by Japanese cuisine and studied it avidly. A few years back opened Omu Nomu craft sake and raw bar, where the sake list here is always changing, so Alex's customers can try every week new sake! Our hosts were also really intrigued to hear about the concept behind Omu Nomu and all the amazing events that Alex hosts. Cindy, being a doburoku ambassador, was particularly intrigued to know that Alex is hosting doburoku events too!

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The next episode will be aired on the 18th of May and will be a catch-up session for our hosts after months of sake events and brewing. Until then, have a nice sake!


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