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Episode 10 - Sake Categories

One of the first things that come up with sake and something quite confusing for people new to the beverage are the sake categories. How do they work? Why do we have them? Do they actually mean anything for the end consumer? Is a Ginjo sake better than a Futsushu? Join Cindy and Giulia in this week's episode to find out more about how sake is categorised as well as what our hosts think about it. One thing we can reveal, nothing is as simple as it sounds...

Make sure to join the conversation and leave us a comment, do you agree with Cindy and Giulia or do you have a totally different opinion on it? Share your insight right here in the comments or head over to join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook. This is a weekly sake podcast, so subscribe to Sake Unplugged to never miss an episode! The next one will be aired on the 10th of March and has another guest join, this time we are welcoming Mac from Kanpai Planet talking to us about his latest adventure - Brewing sake at Gakkogura in Sado and a few other things of course.

Until then, have a nice sake!


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