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Episode 12 - Sake Labels

Whether someone is an occasional sake drinker or a sake enthusiast, purchasing sake can be a little bit of an adventure, unless we already know the sake and/or the sake brewery. The reason for that is because the labels on sake bottles can be quite mysterious, with more often than not, not a lot of information on them, or should we say, not a lot of information on them that points towards the taste of the sake inside that bottle... So in this week's podcast, Cindy and Giulia are talking about what is on a sake label, which includes legal requirements that have to be printed on it, what is voluntarily added by some breweries, and what they would like to be added to make everyone's purchasing decisions easier and subsequently our sake experience a better one.

Make sure to join the conversation and leave us a comment, do you agree with Cindy and Giulia and what would you like to see printed on a sake label to make your trip to the shop easier? Share your insight right here in the comments or head over to join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook. This is a weekly sake podcast, so subscribe to Sake Unplugged to never miss an episode! The next one will be aired on the 24th of March and has another guest join, this time we are welcoming Kyoko Nagano from Sake Lover's inc and Sake Geek, to name just two of her many ventures.

Until then, have a nice sake!


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