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Episode 15 - A Chat with Chris Hughes!

In this week's episode of Sake Unplugged, Cindy and Giulia are welcoming yet another guest to the podcast, Chris Hughes, WSET Educator, Sake Evangelist, and regular host of fellow sake podcast Sake on Air! Many will already know Chris, as his sake endeavors have made him a name in the sake industry, and include educating the WSET level 3 in Sake in Japan, regularly talking as a host on Sake on Air, supporting, producing, and starring in a variety of YouTube productions, as well as his expertly done tasting notes and content production, the list goes on and on! A fun chat getting to know the real Chris, from his love of Anime, what brought him to Japan as well as some of his favorite sake stories. And of course, the sake, the breweries, and the people that have influenced him. For anyone who wants to check out the brand that wooed Chris before he even tasted the sake, you should check out "Nanbubijin" and to see the very charismatic Kuji Kosuke you can check out one of the many videos here.

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The next episode will be aired on the 14th of April and will be part two of our discussion on sake labels, this time we are focusing on design and how it affects our buying decision (or not?) so make sure to mark this on your calendar.

Until then, have a nice sake!


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