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Episode 20 - Sake and Food Pairing!

Food pairing is a huge topic these days and is one of the questions our hosts get the most, so in this week's episode of Sake Unplugged Cindy and Giulia are chatting about how to pair sake and food, some guidelines for people knew to Japanese sake, but also about their personal likes and dislikes. As you may have guessed, this is another topic that is not as straightforward as one might wish it to be. No matter if someone is an occasional sake drinker or a sake enthusiast, sake pairing is always a bit of an adventure, but that is also what makes it so much fun!

Make sure to join the conversation and leave us a comment, do you agree with Cindy and Giulia? Do you have a great, terrible or shocking sake pairing story to tell? Share your insight right here in the comments or head over to join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook. This is a weekly sake podcast, so subscribe to Sake Unplugged to never miss an episode! The next one will be aired on the 19th of May and will be about the only sake brewery in Okinawa - Taikoku Shuzo, so make sure not to miss it!

Until then, have a nice sake!

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12 mai 2022


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