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Episode 21 - Sake from Okinawa!

In this episode of Sake Unplugged, Cindy and Giulia will be sampling another very special sake - Nihonshu from Okinawa!

Why is this so special? Because Okinawa, Japan's most southern prefectures drink culture is ruled by another indigenous beverage: Awamori. And its tropical climate makes it extremely difficult to make Japanese sake. However, one brewery is holding the fort - Taikoku Shuzo, located on the main island in Uruma.

Also, getting this sake is extremely difficult as it is only sold here (with a few guest appearances at sake festivals around japan). So when Cindy learned about it she decided to a. visit them and b. send a couple of bottles to Giulia so they could taste them together for this very episode. This is a weekly podcast so make sure to subscribe and tune in every Thursday and follow Sake Unplugged on Instagram and Facebook for updates and shenanigans, or if you are looking for additional information visit The next episode will be aired on the 26th of May and will be another interview, this time Jamien Ryder from Yamato Magazine will join our hosts and share more about his love for sake and what he is up to! Until then, have a nice sake!

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May 19, 2022


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