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Episode 28 - Yuki Shuzo featuring Chris Hughes and Harald deRopp!

In this week's episode of Sake Unplugged Cindy and Giulia are revisiting a topic dear to their hearts, they are one more time talking and reminding people of the devastating event that shook many sake lovers as earlier this year when Yuki Shuzo in Ibaraki prefecture burned down. They are once again not alone. This time they are joined by Chris Hughes, fellow sake podcaster, sake educator and enthusiast, as well as Harald deRopp, sake lover and a relentless promoter of sake, to talk about the brewery and shine a little light on what has happened and how we, collectively can still help them. With the emphasis being on continuation, as with many events like this, they are only in the news and talked about for so long, however, there is no quick fix and our continuous support is needed, which is why this episode is one more time so important. As with last time, if you are in any position to help in whatever way, please do so. Buy their sake, visit their events, or of course donate, and maybe less obvious keep talking and promoting them, so when they get back on their feet they can be off to a great start. For people living in Japan monetary donations can be made to the following bank account: 常陽銀行 結城支店⁡ 普通 1502819⁡ 真結酒造組合(シンケツシュゾウクミアイ)

Joyo Bank Yuki Branch Normal account: 1502819 Shinketsu Shuzou Kumiai

If you are outside of Japan it is a little bit more difficult and many people are still trying to find the best way to show their support. If you do have an idea please reach out to us via SNS. If you are looking to find out more about the collaboration of Michizakura and Yuki Shuzo you can read more about their "Michikozakura" sake here and for the upcoming Tokyo event check out this page, it is in Japanese only... This is a weekly podcast so make sure to subscribe and tune in every Thursday and follow Sake Unplugged on Instagram and Facebook for updates and shenanigans, or if you are looking for additional information visit

The next episode will be aired on the 14th of July and will be about Amazake, what it is and what it is not and why it is so good for you, especially in Summer!

Until then, have a nice sake!

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Jul 07, 2022


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