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Episode 6 - Is Hot Sake Bad?

Hot sake or warmed-up sake can be a bit of a controversial topic, as there is a misconception that sake is heated up to mask unwanted flavors and/or hide bad quality. But is this really true? Join Cindy and Giulia in this week's episode of Sake Unplugged to find out more about hot sake, a little bit about its history, how to heat it up, and of course, our host's favorite sake, or should we say, a favorite sake that either of them enjoyed warmed-up recently. Make sure to join the conversation and leave us a comment, what is your experience with hot sake? Any favorites? Share your story right here in the comments or head over to join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook. This is a weekly sake podcast, so subscribe to Sake Unplugged to never miss an episode! The next one will be aired on the 10th of February and will be about sparkling sake.

Until then, have a nice sake!

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