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Episode 7 - Sparkling Sake

Sparkling sake has been one style of sake that has created quite a bit of a hype in recent years. Being a rather young member of the sake family, it has like no other sake been able to capture the attention of the media and has been able to attract new demographics to enjoy sake. Aiming at a younger and often female audience, it has certainly created a bit of a stir, which is why this episode of Sake Unplugged is entirely dedicated to this bubbly sensation. Join Cindy and Giulia in this week's episode to find out more about sparkling sake, geeking out a little bit on how sparkling sake is made, the Awa Sake Association, and their requirements to member breweries, but of course, also their relationship with sparkling sake, what they like and think about it.

Make sure to join the conversation and leave us a comment, what is your experience with sparkling sake, do you agree with Cindy and Giulia or do you have a totally different opinion on it? Share your insight right here in the comments or head over to join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook. This is a weekly sake podcast, so subscribe to Sake Unplugged to never miss an episode! The next one will be aired on the 17th of February and will be about Nigori.

Until then, have a nice sake!


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