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Sake Review: Daruma Masamune!

In this week's episode of Sake Unplugged, Cindy and Giulia are doing a sake review! It's been a minute since our hosts shared their thoughts about the sake they love and 3 y.o. aged Daruma Masamune is perfect for this occasion!

Our hosts were so happy to have a chill session to talk about Daruma Masamune which comes from Shiraki Shuzo in Gifu Prefecture, in the heart of Japan.

It's obvious by listening to the episode how passionate our hosts are about this sake. Not only it's delicious but it's also versatile with food pairings and service temperatures as well as easy to enjoy in different settings.

To add to the sake itself, the CEO Shiraki Shigeri is so charismatic she will make you love Daruma Masamune even more!

As summer has arrived, our hosts will take some time off recording like last year. SU will be resumed in September, but in the meantime, our favourite hosts will keep you guys posted about their sake adventures on their social media.

If you miss SU, don't forget to check out previous episodes, and check on Cindy's Kyoto sake tastings or request a sake brewery tour here and join Giulia's Tokyo Sake Seminars here and sake dinners and tastings here.

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The next episode will be aired in September and until then,

Have a Nice Sake!


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