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Sake Vessels!

In today's sake podcast our hosts, Cindy Bissig and Giulia Maglio are talking about a very special topic, sake vessels!

After several episodes talking about types of sake and breweries, our hosts decided to talk about the various types of containers that can be used to enjoy sake, from ochoko to guimoni and all the way to Edo-style glassware, this is another rabbit hole you definitely want to fall in!

So join them and find out more about the different styles of drinking cups, why there are so many and which ones match your favourite type of sake.

This is a weekly podcast so make sure to subscribe and tune in every Thursday and follow Sake Unplugged on Instagram and Facebook for updates and shenanigans, or if you are looking for additional information visit

The next episode will be aired on the 20th of October and will feature one of SU favourite guests, Chris Hughes so mark your calendar to not miss this!

Until then, have a nice sake!

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13 ott 2022


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